About Us

There are so few places where parents can take their children, especially if the weather is not too good and being parents of young children ourselves we know how important it is to keep the little ones entertained. So we set up GTC Play Centres. We asked ourselves what it was that would make for the very best indoor play area. The answer included the following:

  • The friendliest, best trained staff in the business.
  • A clean, safe and secure play environment.
  • Great soft play areas for the kids so that they could expend lots of energy.
  • Play areas for all ages from babies to toddlers to fourteen year olds.
  • Lots of other activities so that every visit could offer new and exciting experiences.
  • A place for parties where the children can have a great time with their friends but you donít have to worry about cleaning up after them.
  • Special activity periods involving music and dance.
  • Superb food and drink at great prices.
  • Something to entertain the parents too - Freeview TV to Wi-Fi internet access. There's also a selection of magazine titles for you to read whilst relaxing.

Thatís what GTC Play Centres offer.

We are committed to bringing you the very best indoor play centres in the country.

Over the coming years GTC Play Centres will be expanding around the country. So, look out for one appearing near you.